If you would like Northern Voices to find Artists for you for a concert or event, please give as many details as possible below. Do not be daunted by the detailed nature of the information asked for. The more detail you can provide, the quicker and more helpful will be our response, but feel free to make the most general enquiry at this stage, giving only the minimum required information (the items marked *) plus some idea of the event in prospect.

Northern Voices will then contact you by whatever means you wish and discuss further details.

If your enquiry is of a more general nature, please use the General enquiry form form by clicking on the tab above.

Concert Enquiry

Artists required: (Please be as specific as possible. If the concert is an oratorio or similar choral/orchestral work(s) - what soloists are required, including any specific “named” characters or parts. Normally Northern Voices will recommend the individual soloists suitable for the work or occasion in question, but if you have any particular solo Artists in mind, then please state. If the event is a recital, please give some idea of number of artists required, including pianist, if any.  If professional choristers for choral “stiffening” are required, please state how many of which voices.  If Voices of the North or Britten Singers, any particular requirement as to programme content.)

Budget: (It is helpful if you can give some idea of what you feel you can spend on Northern Voices Artists for this concert. At this stage this is NOT a commitment on either side. If you wish to wait for Northern Voices to quote for your specific requirements, please state, but even so some idea of ball-park maximum available would be helpful. Please note: Normally out-of-pocket expenses will be additional to the final agreed contract fee. If this is not acceptable, please state.)

If oratorio, work(s) to be performed, for which soloists or choristers are required: