N.B: This is not the complete list of Northern Voices Artists. Some individuals prefer not to have their names published on the internet. If you have a query about the availability of any Artist not named here, please use the Concert enquiry form to enquire.

For further details of any of the artists underlined, please click on the name to go to an individual page with full details and photograph..

List of Artists



Conductor/Choral Director

Laurie Ashworth

George Bartle

Stephen Carleston

Alison Daniels

Stephen Brown

Hugh Davies

Fiona Firth

Barrie Cheshire

Jolyon Dodgson

Charlotte Jackson

Stephen Davies

Graham Jordan Ellis

Hilary Jackson

Paul Dutton

Martin Hindmarsh

Sasha Johnson Manning

Jon English

Patrick Larley

Patricia Lawrence

Martin Hindmarsh

Peter Litman

Denise Leigh

Tim Kennedy

John Powell

Helena Leonard

Patrick Larley

Ian Thompson

Rachel Little

Andrew Lockwood

Eleanor Lloyd

Stephen Newlove

Stephanie Neal

Anthony Peacock


Diana Palmerston

Gordon Pullin

Stephen Carleston

Tracie Penwarden

Robert Thompson

Patrick Larley

Serenna Wagner

Ian Thompson



Helen Francis

Andrew Griffiths


Imogen Garner

David Hoult

Stephen Carleston

Harriet Goodwin

Kevin Ormond

Patrick Larley

Karina Lucas

Ian Thompson

Susan Marrs

Adrienne Murray


Joyce Tindsley

Quentin Brown

Jennifer Westwood

John Anthony Cunningham

String Quartets

Jolyon Dodgson

The Quintessential Quartet

John Powell

The Solo Players


Rachel Payne


A Capella Choirs

Paul Hudson

The Britten Singers


Martin Robson

Voices of the North

Tim Travers-Brown

John Rowlands Pritchard


BBB Jazz